Dr. Shadi Beshai

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at The University of Regina

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Dr. Shadi Beshai is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Regina, the Director of the Depression Cognition and Culture Lab, and a registered Doctoral Clinical Psychologist (in Saskatchewan). Dr. Beshai’s research is focused on improving access to and promotion of evidence-based psychological treatments for adult depression and anxiety. Specifically, Dr. Beshai has published several peer-reviewed scientific articles on the cultural adaptation of cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based interventions. He has also published extensively on improving public literacy about such interventions and ways to disseminate them more widely. Dr. Beshai’s research is funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), and the SaskatchewanHealth Research Foundation (SHRF).


Dr. Beshai received a Bachelor's of Arts, Honours (Suma Cum Laude) from York University, Toronto, Canada. He completed his Master's of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Dr. Beshai completed a one-year research fellowship and residency at the University of Exeter, England.


Publications - Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

Gender differences in the mental health of Canadian police: The role of stress and social support.

Poster will be presented at the 10th Annual Canadian Institutes of Military and Veteran Health Research Forum, Ottawa, Canada. — Angehrn, A., Fletcher, J. A., Jones, A. N., Beshai, S., & Carleton, R. N. (2020, February).

Mino Ayaawin: A Panel Discussion on Indigenous Mental Health.

Presented in Open Minds Discussion, Royal Saskatchewan Museum: Regina, Canada. — Beshai, S., Green, B., LaVallie, C., McNab, M. & Elder McKenna, B. (2019, March).

Development and Validation of a Measure to Assess Cognitive Behavioural Mindedness.

Presented in 29th International Conference in Applied Psychology, Montreal, Canada. — Landry, C., & Beshai, S. (2018, June).

Cross-Cultural Examination of the Cognitive Theory of Depression among Individuals of Chinese and Canadian Descent.

Presented in 29th International Conference in Applied Psychology, Montreal, Canada. — Yu, M., & Beshai, S. (2018, June).

Lab - Depression Cognition & Culture

Dr. Shadi Beshai

Dr. Shadi Beshai is an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Regina. Research in the DCC Lab, as directed by Dr. Beshai, is aimed at the local and international promotion and adaptation of evidence-based psychotherapies (e.g., CBT and Mindfulness-Based Interventions). Dr. Beshai's research is funded by Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF). Research by Dr. Beshai and other gifted DCC Lab members (see below) has been published in many highly esteemed, peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Clinical Psychology Review; Mindfulness; Behavior Therapy).



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